Earthquake Resiliency Impact Report - 2017


Calendar 2017 was the first full year of operation of GeoCosmo SPC.

GeoCosmo SPC objectives for 2017 were focused on two simultaneous efforts,

  1. Frequently present through all forms of communication (i.e. online / digital media, conferences, discussion forums, individual meetings, etc.) the compelling benefits that reliable, consistent and accurate Earthquake forecasting on a human scale can achieve.

  2. Advance existing and initiate new deployments of GeoCosmo Earthquake Forecasting Services.

Throughout 2017 GeoCosmo SPC presented to industry groups, interested corporations, and local, regional and national government agencies in the US, New Zealand, Haiti and Taiwan as well as relevant associations including the Property Casualty Insurers Association of America, the International Emergency Managers Association and numerous New Zealand natural disaster response organizations.

GeoCosmo SPC expects to continue its efforts to frequently communicate the positive humanitarian, economic and social impact that Earthquake Forecasting on a human scale can bring to the world. In 2018, GeoCosmo plans to launch the Earthquake Resiliency Institute in at least one other country outside of the US. GeoCosmo SPC will continue its ongoing efforts to attract investment, talent and deployments of GeoCosmo’s Earthquake Forecasting Services.

GeoCosmo SPC raised capital from management and third–party investors in 2017 to advance its business operations. GeoCosmo SPC was able to complete two Proof-of-Concept initiatives, both reconfirmed that our technical approach accurately captured important insights into pre-earthquake phenomena. Further reinforcing our commercial strategy, GeoCosmo has engaged a handful of mission-driven investors, corporations and governments to help launch our Earthquake Forecasting Services.

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